How To Increase Your Squat?

How To Increase Your Squat

Squatting is both a challenging and beneficial exercise. When done correctly, it may drastically improve your lower body in no time, from your abs to your glutes and even your posture. How To Increase Your Squat? We have the answer! A small but dedicated group of people see the value of the squat and work … Read more

How To Use A Smith Machine

How To Use A Smith Machine?

Many significant advances have been made in the modern era of health and fitness, making the workout more efficient and impactful. However, professionals sometimes are a bit too quick to publicize their point of view on things. So, wanna know How To Use A Smith Machine? Let’s discuss it. For a long time, the Smith … Read more

Rogue RML-90 SLIM Rack – Woman squatting with a barbell and weight plates

Rogue RML-90 SLIM Rack – REVIEW

The Rogue RML-90 Slim Rack is an excellent compact and affordable squat rack that combines a convenient, efficient setup with the durable stability of two Monster Lite uprights mounted on the wall. The features include UHMW plastic feet to protect the floor, two Monster Lite J-cups, texture black finish, and Westside hole spacing. Rogue RML-90Slim Rack … Read more

PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack - Woman with a barbell and weights on her shoulders

PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack-REVIEW

The PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack is an excellent value and compact high-end squat rack that combines an efficient, cost-effective setup with long-lasting stability. It features 3×3 uprights and a vertical folding mechanism; the entire rig can be folded/unfolded easily. It includes larger accessory holes, 11-gauge steel, and the aforementioned laser-cut numbers. PRx Performance Fold-In ONE … Read more

Merax Wall Mount Folding Squat Rack - A woman squatting with a barbell

Merax Wall Mount Folding Squat Rack – REVIEW

The Merax Wall Mount Folding Squat Rack is an outstanding compact and inexpensive squat rack that combines easy setup and durability. Its multi-functional frame textured black finish functions as a squat rack, power rack, and pull-up bar and is folded compactly for storage. It features a pin and hinge mechanism, a quick-attach pull-up bar, and … Read more

HealthyWage Review

Are you constantly struggling to lose weight but can’t sustain the motivation to reach your goals? We can help you lose weight and get paid to do it? If you’re confident that you can beat the scale with the right help, then HealthyWage is a place where you can make a (healthy) wager on your … Read more

Workouts for Men over 40 – Man on his knee with a kettlebell

Best Workouts for Men over 40

The way we approach life changes as we approach 40. Hence, it’s essential to include some amount of workouts in our daily routine. And so, if you’ve been wondering which exercises are more effective, I have compiled the best workouts for men over 40.  However, if you have an injury or health condition related to … Read more

Home leg workouts – two women doing bodyweight squats

Best at Home leg workouts (No Equipment)

Leg strength and muscular development are strength, power, and fitness training pillars. Strong hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes increase sports performance, running economy, and quality of life. People mostly do leg workouts with the help of heavyweights, dumbbells, and barbells. But if you don’t have the equipment, we have you covered with the best at home … Read more

Triceps Workout – Woman doing a triceps workout with resistance bands

Amazing Triceps Workout with Resistance Bands

If you want to work out your Triceps without heavy dumbbells or a barbell, you need a resistance band to get in a good Triceps workout. Resistance band Triceps exercises are fantastic for training your Triceps at home or the gym. It would help if you incorporated banded Triceps exercises into your workout routine.  Where … Read more

Creatine Help Build Muscle – muscular man working out on a machine

Does Creatine Help Build Muscle?

When it comes to building muscle, creatine might be the most popular supplement to help you achieve this goal. According to a study, creatine is the most effective supplement to increase muscle mass and strength. Combining creatine can double your strength and lean muscle gains compared to training alone. In this article, I’ll let you … Read more