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NutriWise – Doctors Weight Loss Review

Weight loss is a genuine concern for many people irrespective of age and gender. Moreover, a significant lack of time has made it even more difficult to start a program for most of us. Fortunately, during my online search for weight loss meal plans and came across Doctors Weight Loss, which has given me the finest result among others I have tried. 

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Hence, I thought of writing this review and helping you find the right product for yourself.

What is Meal Plan for Weight Loss?

For those who are trying to lose weight, a meal plan is the safest and the best deal. It refers to taking healthy meals while keeping a routine on a daily basis. 

A weight loss meal plan consists of the calorie amount that’s suggested for your daily intake according to your age, gender, and body weight. Based on all these aspects, a meal plan will include everything that you eat in a day- starting from breakfast to lunch, snacks, and dinner. 

It may include some home-cooked meals as well as weight loss special meals that come in the form of protein powders, weight loss supplements, healthy snacks, shakes- to name a few. 

Reputed brands such as Doctors Weight Loss have come up with such exclusive products that come under their specialized meal plans for weight loss.

But, why do we need weight loss meals instead of some other weight loss plans? Let’s quickly find it out.

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Why are Meal Plans for Weight Loss Required?

Weight loss meal plans are required for plenty of reasons. The main reason for which you should take these meals is that your body requires some nutrients that might be lacking when you are on a weight loss diet. 

Weight loss meals can provide your body with those nutrients while helping you to create the calorie deficit for losing weight. These meals are enriched with the goodness of protein, vitamins, and minerals that your body requires to stay fit and active.

I couldn’t continue my weight loss diet for more than two months because of the same reason. I used to take home-cooked low-calorie meals and yet, used to feel fatigued all the time. I lost my motivation to perform even my daily activities for keeping a good lifestyle. 

Out of sheer frustration, I started searching online for some solutions until I found weight loss meal plans suggested by Doctors Weight Loss. I understood what was lacking in my low-calorie diet and finally switched to their complete plan that made me lose about 30 lbs in just three months.

Here is an awesome video that gives a brief overview of getting started with Nutriwise:

Getting Started with the Weight Loss Special Meals?

Since weight loss special meals come in a variety of forms, how you should take your meal depends upon which products you are using. If you switch to the intro plan by Doctors Weight Loss, you will get a NutriWise soup, a NutriWise snack, and a NutriWise shake. 

You need to cook the soup by following the directions and have it at 12.30 pm, as suggested by the manufacturer. Then, you can have your NutriWise snack at 3.00 pm and the shake at 8.30 pm. This is how you should take your supplements if you follow the intro plan. 

I follow the complete plan that consists of 7 NutriWise products. I take the supplements by following the direction on each product’s label.

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What are the Side Effects of Weight Loss Special Meals?

There are a plethora of options among weight loss special meals, and hence, it’s quite difficult to state which one has side effects and which one doesn’t. However, based on my research, I’ve found out that only the products that are labeled as natural or organic are reliable and safe. 

These products do not contain any chemical extracts, and hence, the chance of any adverse effects on your health is negligible. On the other hand, products that contain some amount of chemical substances, artificial colors, and flavors may have side effects. 

You can check for the most accurate information by reading the product label. Also, you can read some online reviews to see whether the users have faced any kind of health issues from the weight loss meals or not.

Do Weight Loss Special Meals Actually Work?

As I’ve mentioned above, there are so many weight loss meals available that it can be difficult to say which ones work and which ones don’t. I am following the Doctors Weight Loss meal plan that includes NutriWise products. 

These products have worked for me really well, and hence, I can say that a properly accumulated weight loss meal may work for you as well. While some of the supplements included in your weight loss meal boost metabolism, others help you to control your appetite. This is how these products keep you fit and active while helping you to lose weight faster.

Things to Check Before Taking Weight Loss Special Meals

There are a few things that you need to ensure before choosing a weight loss special meal. The best way to know which things you should be aware of are usually labeled on the containers.

 However, here are some common factors that you can also check:

  • Make sure you are above 18 years
  • Do not take more than the recommended dosage
  • Some products are not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Consult your doctor if you have some serious, chronic health issues
  • Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient used in the product

Doctors Weight Loss Meal Plans

I researched a lot and tried a couple of fat burning products that didn’t work for my body. One day a friend told me about the Doctors Weight Loss Meal Plans.

After following the weight loss meal plan for a month, I started noticing the results. I lost about 7 lbs but didn’t face any weakness or health issues at all.

 In the second month, I reduced about 11 lbs and the third month of the Doctors Weight Loss Meal Plan ended with a miraculous result. I lost 12 lbs in the third month and ended up feeling a lot more healthy and confident.

What is a Doctors Weight Loss Meal Plan?

Doctors Weight Loss Meal Plan is a weight loss program that aims to help you reduce your excess body weight and fat significantly. 

The plan includes weight loss supplements that come in different forms, such as soups, shakes, protein powders, healthy snacks, and multivitamin capsules. You can choose among 3 weight loss plans that are differently designed.

The first plan Intro consists of 3 supplements; the second plan, Core includes 5 supplements, and the third plan Complete includes 7 supplements. Based on your fitness goal, you can choose among these plans easily. 

The best part of a Doctors Weight Loss Meal Plan is that it gives you a routine of how you should be following the plan besides taking your meals. If you follow the plan thoroughly, you can expect all the benefits that it provides.

Apart from the supplements, you get a diet guide, a mobile app, nutritionist consultancy, health coach assistance, and a lot more additional benefits from the Doctors Weight Loss team. 

The plans are fully customizable, which means that you can get your routine and meal plan customized on the basis of your body and health conditions. These aspects really set this weight loss plan apart from the others available in the market nowadays.

Doctors Weight Loss Meal Complete Plan Ingredients

Since I have followed the Complete plan, I am explaining to you the meals and ingredients that it includes:

  • Morning Start Fiber Drink: This 100% natural fiber supplement can help you start your morning with 5 grams of fiber, which is essential in a weight loss diet. The drink is free of sugar, cholesterol, and artificial flavors.
  • NutriWise Breakfast: A healthy breakfast that’s free of sugar and other toxic elements available in packaged foods. The breakfast is quite delicious and keeps you full for three-four hours.
  • Apply PatchMD: Combining 27 essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, this product is designed to address your health needs while on a weight loss diet. Moreover, it can help you fight harmful diseases with strong immunity.
  • NutriWise Snack+ Get Trim: You can enjoy this combo of a healthy snack and a weight loss capsule to build your muscles and cells while staying full for a few hours.
  • NutriWise Soup+ Protein Shake: This combination of a healthy soup and a protein powder is the ultimate lunch option for those looking to reduce extra mass.
  • Nutriwise Snack: To satiate your hunger pangs, this pack of tasty barbeque-flavored munchies is exactly what you need when following a weight loss program.
  • NutriWise Entry or Side: You can choose your dinner from a wide range of options that are quite filling, yummy and enriched with protein and other healthy nutrients.
  • NutriWise Shake: At the end of the day, a glass of thick and delish shake can complete your meal plan while nurturing you with the goodness of its ingredients.

Packaging and Dosage

All the products included in the meal plan come in different containers, which are quite easy to store and use. For the dosage, you can follow the direction that’s labeled on each product. 

However, make sure you read the dosage carefully before taking your scoop if you want to safely use these products. You can choose among two weeks and four weeks meal plan options.

Taste and Side Effects

Since the weight loss meal includes more than one product, some of these have beautiful flavors, whereas others are completely tasteless. 

For example, the soup, snacks, and breakfast meals are flavored, but you won’t get any flavor from the protein powder or the multivitamin patches when you mix them in your soup or meals. 

All the products included in the meal plan are completely natural, and hence, there is no chance of side effects. The products are lab-tested, GMO-free, and safe for adults.

What I Like

  • You can lose about 30 lbs
  • You get a wide range of products
  • It includes a complete diet meal
  • It has no side effects
  • The products are lab tested

What I Don’t Like

  • It has a limited-stock issue
  • Discount offers may not last long
  • You have to buy all the products


I hope my Doctors Weight Loss review will help you start your weight loss regime. However, sticking to the meal plan is important, and hence, you have to bid adieu to pizzas and burgers for some time if you want this plan to really work. Also, you can consider consulting your doctor before starting the plan.

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