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    • Rogue RML-90 SLIM Rack – REVIEW
      The Rogue RML-90 Slim Rack is an excellent compact and affordable squat rack that combines a convenient, efficient setup with the durable stability of two Monster Lite uprights mounted on the wall. The features include UHMW plastic feet to protect the floor, two Monster Lite J-cups, texture black finish, and Westside hole spacing. Rogue RML-90Slim Rack … Read more
    • PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack-REVIEW
      The PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack is an excellent value and compact high-end squat rack that combines an efficient, cost-effective setup with long-lasting stability. It features 3×3 uprights and a vertical folding mechanism; the entire rig can be folded/unfolded easily. It includes larger accessory holes, 11-gauge steel, and the aforementioned laser-cut numbers. PRx Performance Fold-In ONE … Read more

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