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How To Do A Hip Thrust Workout At Home?

Having strong, toned glutes is about more than just looking good. You can’t have one without the other, as both contribute to your sense of stability and balance. You can get there by doing hip thrust workouts. So, How To Do A Hip Thrust Workout At Home?

How To Do A Hip Thrust Workout At Home?

Here’s how to do a hip thrust workout at home.

How does hip thrust work for us?

The hip thrust efficiently enhances hip extension through the coordinated action of the hamstring and gluteal muscles. Hip thrust workouts have many additional advantages, including alleviating back discomfort, hip flexor irritation, and tightness.

As a bonus, performing hip thrust exercises can enhance one’s posture, hip-to-knee coordination, and overall athletic performance.

Ways To Do A Hip Thrust Workout At Home

Following are some ways and exercise variations through which you can do a hip thrust workout at home.

1.     Banded Hip Thrust

While doing this exercise, the abductors can be worked out using resistance bands. In order to do this, wrap the band over your knees to hold it in place. The band’s diameter should be narrow enough to provide some resistance once the toes are placed hip apart.

Likewise, the band shouldn’t be too narrow that it digs into your thighs. Now for the foundational hip thruster, raise and drop the hips. You’ll notice that your hip-side gluteus muscles are becoming more active.

2.     Hip Bridge

In order to do a hip bridge, you will need weight training with the upper back supported on the floor rather than a bench. Additionally, lying on the mat, the neck and head receive complete floor support. So set your feet hip-width apart on the mat, and bend your knees.

After this, you should actively engage your glutes and press through your heels to raise your hips into a diagonal line with your knees and shoulders in order to achieve this. Now put your hips back down and do it again.

3.     Hip Thrusts With Dumbbells

When you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the bridge, you can replicate the exercise with dumbbells and a bench or stability ball. The first step for this is to work with less heavy weights.

Ensure your glutes are on the floor while a stability ball or bench supports your back. Now put a single weight over your hips horizontally as one weight can be placed on each hip.

Using only your glutes, drive the barbell straight up until your hips are in conjunction with your knees and shoulders, completing a hip thrust. After that, pull up and squeeze hard, then let go and do it again.

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Things To Keep In Check While Doing Hip Thrusts At Home

It’s important to avoid these typical mistakes when doing a hip thrust. It’s possible that making a mistake will result in a worse than optimal outcome and perhaps will cause physical harm to the spine and neck.

1.     Loose Neck

Your attention is vital while doing the hip thrust. The weight bench provides support for the upper back but not for the head or neck. So, you can lift your hips and look up at the ceiling by lowering your head, but this can induce overhanging through the spine; thus, it is not suggested.

Instead, pull the hips to extend while keeping the chin fixed toward the chest. As a result, you won’t accidentally arch your back and put too much strain on your spine, and you’ll be able to maintain your core engaged the whole time.

2.     Quick Movements

The hip thrust exercise requires attention to both the concentric (raising) and eccentric (lowering) phases. Some folks put in a lot of work during the lifting part but rush the lowering part so they can begin another set.

However, the effectiveness of this workout depends on your ability to regulate the eccentric phase. Don’t rush the lowering process any more than the raising one. As a result, it will be a more intense and sustained workout from the glutes.

3.     Foot Placement

Many trainers encourage their clients to experiment with different foot placements until they find one that is most natural. However, the degree to which particular muscles are engaged during the thrust depends on where your feet are placed.

Changing the width of one’s feet probably won’t have much effect, but shifting one’s feet farther from or closer to one’s body could alter the exercise’s sensation. The feet could be too near to your hips if it seems like you have to contract your quadriceps constantly.

By repositioning them further from the body, the emphasis may be put on the hamstring and glutes. The glutes will be underutilized and the hamstrings overworked if you move them too far apart.

4.     Not Enough Extension

It is feasible to achieve a partial hip extension, but not full extension when the hips are in conjunction with the shoulders and knees if you are lifting too much weight or have very tight hip flexors.

Avoiding this mistake will prevent you from missing out on the most beneficial aspect of this routine. To achieve full hip extension, try lowering the weight by a small amount and see if that helps.

Tight hip flexors can prevent the hips from rising to the desired level. So before attempting the thruster, try doing some floor-based bridge exercises to warm up your hip flexors.

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Conclusion: How To Do A Hip Thrust Workout At Home?

Correctly performed hip thrusts are a great technique to build up the size and strength of your glutes. The best part is that they can be performed at home too.

People had this concept that hip thrusts can be performed only at the gym but as awareness about variations of the exercise for home workout has increased, so has the different ways to perform hip thrusts at home.

Now people can also get the same intensity workout in the comfort of their home. Visit Eve Pacific Health to learn more.

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