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How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat Without Exercise

Losing weight can be daunting. Even more so when you want to lose fat from a targeted area. While most people will recommend exercise, this may not work for everyone. Because exercise takes time and energy that many do not have to spare. Well, good for you, there are various ways you can lose inner thigh fat without exercise! 

Lose Inner Thigh Fat  - Inner thigh

Is It Really Possible to Lose Inner Thigh Fat Without Exercise?

Research shows that exercise alone is, indeed, not enough to lose fat. It needs to be combined with modifications in your diet to be able to lose sufficient amounts of fat. On the contrary, you can lose fat without exercise, by simply modifying your diet. 

However, if you are not exercising at all, it will become essential to be extremely cautious of your diet. You will have to watch your intake very carefully! 

You must be wondering how it will be possible to target fat loss in the inner thighs without exercise. Well, this is the one downside of aiming to lose fat without exercise. Diet alone can not help you lose fat from targeted areas but it does help you shed inches and pounds overall. Consequently, you will also lose inner thigh fat! 


Now, I have created all this buzz about diet being the super hero that can save the day by helping you lose inner thigh fat without exercise- but what exactly are those diet alterations? Is calorie deficit the answer?

While a calorie deficit is important, it is not the only modification you will need to make as part of your diet! Primarily because there is a limit to which you can cut down your calories- 500 to 1000 calories, to be exact. Any more than that, and your metabolism will significantly slow down! As a result of which, burning fat will only become harder. 

Here is an awesome video on how to lose thigh fat without exercise:

Below is a list of modifications you can make in your everyday diet that will help you lose inner thigh fat! 

  1. Cut Down on Carbs

Large amounts of carbohydrates are your worst enemy when it comes to burning fat. Why is that? Well, it is mainly because high amounts of carbs lead to excess water retention in your body. So, the more carbs you eat, the more water your body stores and the harder it gets to shed pounds. 

While the straightforward solution to this is to eat less carbs, it is important that you do this carefully! Complex carbohydrates are quite important as they provide you with long term energy. They also don’t cause weight gain when eaten in moderation. 

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So, how can you cut down on carbs carefully? Carefully curated keto diets, by health experts, are the answer! There are various keto boxes, which you can subscribe to! 

  1. Increase Your Protein and Fibre Intake 

The main reason to increase protein and fibre intake is to ensure that you do not feel hungry again and again. Both proteins and fibres help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. This prevents you from snacking repeatedly, which is a major culprit of weight gain. 

  1. Reduce Your Salt Intake

Surprising, no? Something as simple as reducing your salt intake can, in fact, help you to lose inner thigh fat! 

Salt is another major culprit that causes water retention in your body. The more salt you consume, from junk foods and fast foods for example, it leads to your body storing more than optimal levels of water. 

Consequently, if you cut down on your salt intake, you will notice your body, including your inner thighs, becoming thinner. 

  1. Have More Electrolytes 

The obvious question here is: what are electrolytes? With regards to your diet, electrolytes refer to calcium, magnesium and potassium. These electrolytes assist your body to excrete salt. Consequently, the higher your electrolyte intake, the less water your body will retain! 

Green leafy vegetables, bananas and yogurt are some foods, which are high in these electrolytes. Increasing the intake of these foods will help you lose inner thigh fat without exercise!

To increase the effectiveness of these modifications in your diet, you can aim to eat small and frequent meals throughout the day. These will prevent you from eating unhealthy snacks, in between, otherwise, large meals. 


Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! The more water you drink the better. It has absolutely no calories and helps cleanse your body. Ideally, you must be drinking 8 glasses of water daily. The rest of the water intake can come from foods and fruits. 

Water transports the carbohydrates and proteins that you consume, and aids in their digestion. The more water you drink, the faster the digestion process. In other words, water increases your body’s metabolism rate, which is extremely beneficial for weight loss!

Another important function of water is aiding the liver convert fat into energy. This mechanism also assists in increasing the body’s metabolism rate. 

Needless to say, water is extremely important to lose weight. So, if you are looking to lose inner thigh fat without exercise, you must hydrate yourself sufficiently!

Final Words 

These are some relatively easy methods to lose inner thigh fat without exercise. All you have to do is watch your diet and drink water- plenty of it! These methods have personally helped me shed a lot of inner thigh fat. Make sure to make the most out of these methods and I am fairly confident that they should also work well for you!

All you need is the right ambition and commitment! With just the right amount of these, you will notice a difference in your inner thigh fat.

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