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How To Build Muscle After 50 – Easy Gains for You

Building muscle after 50 seems like a task but believe me; it’s not that hard. You can start working out in your 50s too. I believe it is never too late. This might be one of the best things you can do. Here Are The Best 5 Ways on How To Build Muscle After 50.

How To Build Muscle After 50 - Me Working Out

We have gathered some of the best ways to build shape after 50. You will develop a fabulous physique if you follow these effective measures. 

Can I Build Muscle After 50?

Yes. You might be worried that it is too late to get shredded and build a body but trust me, there’s nothing like that. It could be a little more challenging; however, it is not impossible. Let me explain this scientifically. 

As you start aging, loss of muscle begins gradually. There are slight chances that you can get reduced physical function of the body. This is enough to mitigate the quality of life you are living. Nobody wants that. You might be surprised to find that there are plenty of easy and effective answers to that.

I assure you will be amazed to notice the unnumberable benefits of getting a muscular body in your 50s. If you are looking forward to a healthy lifestyle, having good muscles is a kind of necessity after 50. I am saying this, Do not worry about your age; just start working out to build muscle without any second thought.

Training And Workouts

Isolation and compound exercises are the most common type of workouts out there. Compound exercises are better for men and women after 50.  This is because isolation exercises focus on a  single muscle and are usually appropriate for people in their 20s. However, you can do compound exercises to build muscles to get unexpected results. 

Any type of workout plays a crucial role in muscle building, irrespective of your age. What matters is you doing some sort of physical activity. I have seen people with awesome bodies in their 50s, and exercise is the key to achieving that. Most people prefer to join a gym, and I suggest that too. Having a scheduled week is excellent if you wish to progress faster.

Also, I observed many people being nervous about lifting lightweights. Trust me; nobody is going to judge you.

Machines or free weights? I think it hardly matters. What is important is doing your exercises correctly, and you are not the one struggling to lift. Remember, balance your entire body. Do not be focused on a particular muscle group. Training your whole body is essential to create a balance. 

Here is a great workout video for men who are over 40:


Nutrition and workout go hand in hand. Exercise alone will not bring out the desired outcomes unless you are taking a proper diet. As you are in your 50s, a balanced diet with appropriate nutritional values is crucial to building muscle faster. 

A healthy diet is essential to build muscle after 50. Balanced nutrition is going to make you feel younger and more vigorous. Moreover, the refreshing effect of a good diet will be perfect for those who feel sleepy and tired all day. 

Nutrients provide the energy to work out; hence, a balanced diet is paramount. Keeping a calorie count and selecting the correct amounts according to your body weight are essential to progress faster.

Fats, protein, and carbohydrates are the major nutrients that must be present in your healthy diet. We have gathered a list of a few sources of these nutrients. A health professional can help you determine the particular nutrients you need. 

The most popular fat-rich foods include olive oil, avocados, seeds, and nuts. If you wish to intake some saturated fats, eggs, cheese, butter, and meat are good options.

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We have prepared a list of protein-rich foods. These include:

  1. Milk products
  2. Meat
  3. Soy foods
  4. Beans
  5. Chicken
  6. Fish and seafood

And some carbohydrate sources are:

  1. Vegetable
  2. Bread
  3. Rice
  4. Potato
  5. Fruits
  6. Berries

Rest And Sleep

Can you believe proper sleep and rest will help you build muscle after 50? Yes, it’s true. After your workout session and having adequate nutrition, a night of good sleep will make you relaxed. For someone over 50, sleep is a critical thing to consider. 

I think rest and sleep are equally important as your exercise regime. Why? Because as you age, the recovery rate drops. Your body needs rest to recover from your previous workout. Not having proper rest and doing regular workouts will make you look tired. I know this does not sound good. Therefore, rest and adequate sleep are equally important as exercise and nutrition. 

It might sound a bit unrealistic, but your muscles will expand to their full potential while you are resting. And it is the time when your muscles recover the most. As you are getting over 50, sleep will help control your hormones. It might be the hormones that help you get bigger and cal also be the one that hinders the process. Inadequate sleep will lead to an imbalance of these hormones.

For proper growth of your body, you must have seven to eight hours of sleep each day. Keep in mind that building muscle without sleep is not possible. It might be a bold statement, but it is the reality. 

If you work out in a gym, properly resting between sets is essential. The differences in resting longer and less rest between sets might not be significant. However, for someone over 50, 3 minutes of rest before your next set is recommended. Rest will help your muscle to regain most of their strength. 


Keeping your body hydrated is beneficial in several ways. As the human body is 60 percent water, I don’t think it is necessary to explain the significance of adequate water intake. Do you know you need 3 liters of water each day on average? You will get some part of it in your food, but it is very important to drink it throughout the day. 

Let me explain some vital roles of water in your daily life.

  1. If you work out often, you know your body temperature rises during that period. Water will help you to regulate it and keep your body cool. You will sweat more than usual in a workout if your water consumption levels are to the mark.
  2. Water actually carries carbohydrates and proteins that you eat. And then metabolize them to make the food that will provide you energy. 
  3. Urination keeps waste out of your body and water is the key element that assists you in flushing waste through your body.
  4. Water also forms saliva and it also acts as a joint lube which smoothens the joint movement.

Water assists the liver in converting fat into energy. Therefore, more water intake can make you lean by increasing your metabolism. Hence, hydration is essential. I think it is because each body reacts uniquely to changes in eating and drinking.


When you are over 50, all the nutrients are not fulfilled by only the food you eat. So, the addition of supplements can be beneficial to keep the nutrients up to the mark. If you are the one struggling to fulfill your nutrient requirements, then supplements are the thing for you. 

It is not always mandatory to have supplements if you want to get bigger. But after 50, your body sometimes does not get the required nutrients from your daily diet so, supplements can be beneficial.


Protein will provide you optimal gains but remember that the protein powder you are taking does not have any distinction from the protein you are getting from food. It is just to fulfill the extra need of your body when you start building muscle after 50.


Creatine is a type of supplement for both young and adults. Old lifters can get extra benefits from it as this will help them to build a good and healthy physique. Usually, creatine is linked with increasing strength.


Multivitamins are my favorite supplements out there. I think they are like a group of vitamins and nutrients that can help in growing muscle.  However, do not expect a sudden growth or think of them as quick pills for muscles. These are just an addition to your diet for providing you with some nutrients.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential nourishment to keep your bones strong and it also helps in absorbing nutrients. You might get surprised by the number of biological benefits of Vitamin D. Performance, and muscle development are directly linked to the Vitamin D levels in your body.

Final Words

Building muscle after 50 seems like a herculean task but trust me, it isn’t. Your body changes a lot when you are in your 50s, but that does not mean you can not build muscle. With appropriate training and nutrition, you will be able to look muscular and younger. 

Keep up the spirit and start working out without worrying about your age.

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