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Amazing Triceps Workout with Resistance Bands

If you want to work out your Triceps without heavy dumbbells or a barbell, you need a resistance band to get in a good Triceps workout. Resistance band Triceps exercises are fantastic for training your Triceps at home or the gym. It would help if you incorporated banded Triceps exercises into your workout routine. 

Triceps Workout – Woman doing a triceps workout with resistance bands

Where are your Triceps?

“Where are the Triceps” might be an obvious question for serious fitness enthusiasts or personal trainers, but it could be commonly mistaken. Triceps are large muscles at the back of your arm. They mainly control your movement around the elbow. In this article, we’ll know Amazing Triceps workouts with resistance bands.

Resistance Bands are Great for Triceps Exercises

I love to use resistance bands for Triceps exercises because I can use them like dumbbells, cable machines, and barbells. A resistance band is such a light and stretchable band that you can keep one with you out anywhere. We can mimic the same exercises with dumbbells, cable pulleys, and barbells with a 41-inch loop resistance band. Resistance increases as you stretch the band. So, rather than having the movement get easy at the end of its range as it does with barbells and dumbbells, it gets more complicated.

Moreover, you can alter the resistance with a single resistance band by wrapping the band around your feet or hands more times or simply moving away from the anchor point. The tauter the band is, the harder it will be. These bands force you to use a slow and controlled motion on the eccentric phase. Slow abnormal movements might be excellent for your muscle growth and strength. 

All in all, bands are easy on the joints, easy to transport, and easy to learn.

I highly recommend resistance band Triceps exercises over dumbbells and barbells. This exercise hits the Triceps muscle deep, and you will feel a significant contraction when doing this. So without further explanation, let’s go straight into it.

Here is an awesome Resistance Band Triceps Workout:

Triceps Extensions with resistance band

Triceps Extensions with a resistance band is an upper-body exercise that focuses mainly on the Triceps. It helps you isolate the Triceps muscle and doesn’t cheat with other body areas. You can do this exercise at home or the gym. It would be best if you had a very long band for this exercise. No additional equipment is required. 

How to do resistance band Triceps Extensions

  1. Stand on your band. Depending on the band’s length, you can stand in its center or at one end. 
  2. Make sure to hold the ends high enough to have a little resistance at shoulder height and a lot of resistance above the head at arm’s length.
  3. Bend your arm with your elbow pointing to the floor.
  4. Push the end of the resistance band up towards the sky in a quick, steady motion.
  5. Return to shoulder position.
  6. Repeat.
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Benefits of Triceps Extensions with resistance band

This banded exercise strengthens your Triceps. These muscles are primarily responsible for elbow extension, and the long head assists the latissimus dorsi muscle in bringing the arm towards the body. Triceps strength contributes to a solid and muscular upper body and helps you perform various daily tasks and sporting activities.

Triceps Pull with resistance band

You don’t need anything more than a long resistance band in this workout. It’s a simple yet effective band exercise. You’re good to go as long as you have enough space to stand up straight!

How to do resistance band Triceps pull

  1. Stand tall by holding your resistance band parallel to the shoulder-high.
  2. Position your hand close to the end, where the resistance band is taut but not stretched out yet. 
  3. The best position is when you stand slightly wider than your shoulders in this exercise. 
  4. It would be best when your arms are parallel to the floor and bent at the elbow.
  5. Keep your hands steady at shoulder height and pull the ends of the resistance band away from each other as you straighten your arms.
  6. Once your arms are straight, go back to your original position.
  7. Repeat.

Benefits of Triceps Pull with resistance band

  •  Stronger And Bigger Lats 
  •  Stronger And Bigger Triceps
  •  Improved Posture
  • Convenience

Single-arm overhead extension with resistance band

Single-arm overhead Triceps extension with a resistance band is a workout that mainly targets your Triceps. You can also step on the resistance band with your foot and do single-arm Triceps extensions over your head. The tighter you pull the resistance band to start, the hard the training will be.

How to do resistance band overhead extensions:

  1. Stand on one end of the band with one foot and grab the other end with the same side hand.
  2. Pull up the band with one hand behind you by pointing your elbow up. 
  3. At the starting position, stand tall with a neutral position of your spine. 
  4. Extend from the elbow bringing your forearm up so your whole arm is shooting straight overhead.
  5. When in full extension, try to squeeze your Triceps muscle.
  6. Lower your arms back down slowly and extend up again.
  7. Keep your elbow static in place at all times.
  8. Repeat.

Benefits of Resistance Band Triceps Extensions

  • Adds Variety To Your Strength Training
  • It gives you strong Triceps.
  • Resistance Band Work Protects Injured or Sore Joints

Crossbow extension with resistance band

You can build your Triceps strength by simply doing Crossbow extension with a resistance band. Resistance bands might be even more efficient for many exercises than weights, bars, or dumbells as they offer tension throughout the whole movement.

How to do resistance band crossbow Triceps extensions:

  1. Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and spine neutral. Grab the band with your left hand and your right hand on the other side. 
  2. Make your left hand overhand and your right hand underhand.
  3. Bring your left hand up, below your chest, and to your side near your ribs. Please do not move your left hand; it secures the band to keep it taut.
  4. Near your right shoulder, bring your right hand up and do not bend your elbow into full flexion.
  5. Bring your right arm up, extending at the elbow and to the right until it is aligned with your shoulder and parallel with the floor. 
  6. Squeeze your Triceps at the top and slowly lower them back and down to your side.
  7. Repeat the reps as much as you want, then do the opposite side.

Triceps Kick Back with resistance band

Triceps Kick Back is one of the classic Triceps exercises with a resistance band, a famous dumbbell, bar, and curl alternative. All you need for this exercise is a long resistance band and no other equipment.

How to do resistance band Triceps Kick Back

  1. Position your right foot at the center of the band and step your left foot back like when you lunge.
  2. Make the Bending position slightly forward and keep your back flat.
  3. Bend and straighten your elbows, standing in this position, keeping your Triceps engaged the entire time.
  4. Repeat for the desired amount of reps.

Triceps Dumbbell Kickback Benefits

  • Strength And Size Gains
  • Triceps Isolation 
  • Minimal Stress On The Wrists

Tips for Triceps exercises with bands:

  1. To develop your Triceps fully, ensure to add variety by changing grip position, angles, and where your arms are positioned when creating a resistance band Triceps workout.  
  2. Always use a slow tempo on the elbow flexion.
  3. To emphasize certain heads of your Triceps more, change up your grip position. For example, you can use an overhand, underhand, or neutral grip with overhead extensions.
  4. Increase resistance for any exercise by using a heavier band or simply starting with the band tauter. Bands have more pressure as they stretch.

When to do a banded Triceps workout?

After your compound exercises, you can do this kind of resistance band Triceps workout, whether a full-body workout or chest/push day. This will help you to maximize Triceps gains and fully develop your Triceps.

How to work out Triceps

Resistance bands provide resistance and tension required for muscles to grow. We need resistance to work out any of our strengths. We get this resistance from resistance bands or weights. Small muscle tears are formed when you continuously exercise your muscles with resistance bands or weights, making new muscle tissue. No curls will work your Triceps – you’ll need to do some resistance band Triceps exercises to build your Triceps muscle.

Most people think they need weights to work out their Triceps or upper body muscle. It is just a misperception. In reality, all you need is resistance to pressure on your Triceps. I have mentioned above some excellent resistance band exercises for you. 

Final Words 

As you are learning, resistance bands are highly versatile, and they offer some unique advantages that you can’t get from barbells, dumbbells, or cable machines alone. They might be best for building body tone for your entire body too. (Check out my article The 9 Best Resistance Band Exercises to Tone the Entire Body.)

Most bodybuilders want to get muscular Triceps; these exercises will prove exceptional and give them strong Triceps. The Triceps are a vast muscle and take up 60% of your upper arm mass. Therefore, working out your Triceps is most important for your arm strength.

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