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The 9 Best Resistance Band Exercises to Tone the Entire Body

The Best 9 Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises

Exercising can become monotonous if you find yourself repeating the same exercises over and over. If you don’t switch things up within your workouts, you may not see your desired outcomes. You get the results you want with resistance band exercises. Adding a little variation is a good idea. Additionally, you may be able to work muscles you hadn’t previously been able to target. Resistance bands produce great results. Here are the best 9 resistance band exercises to tone the entire body.

Resistance Band Exercises - Good Mornings

Good Mornings


This exercise is best for the strength of abs, glutes, and back muscles. This is a simple exercise that will yield excellent benefits quickly. This is the first resistance band exercise I added to my workout.

Method of Doing This Exercise

Lie on your back with your foot shoulder-width apart while putting the band beneath your knees. Hold the exercise band in both of your hands at shoulder height so that it doesn’t pinch the neck.

As you rise from your squat, slowly straighten your legs to avoid straining them. As you maintain a flat posture, bend forward at the hip and experience the hamstrings tense. As you begin to rise again, slowly compress your hips.

Resistance Band Exercises - Superman



This exercise helps you build toughness in your glute muscles, back muscles, as well as your hamstring muscles. Solid back muscles help keep your back from hurting, which can help you avoid low back pain. I do this exercise to avoid back pain.

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Method of Doing This Exercise

This resistance workout is great for your back. To perform this exercise, lie face down on the ground with your arms and legs outstretched. Try to maintain a relaxed neck while holding one side of the band with each hand. Raise your arms and legs slowly off the ground. Pulling the band till you feel the tension in your upper back is what you’re looking for. Let the band progressively relax before dropping your arms and legs to the floor. This counts as one rep. Do 15 repeats of this.

Resistance Band Exercises - Squat



Squat targets the glutes and thigh muscles, a famous exercise that uses a variety of body parts. This exercise helps the legs and glutes. It not only helps to tone your buttocks, but it also helps to strengthen your legs. 

Method of Doing This Exercise

Place your foot hip-width apart over the resistance band and then stand upon it. To create sufficient tension in the exercise band, grasp the grips of the resistance band in each of your hands and raise them slightly over your shoulder level. Maintaining your chest raised and your abs firm, slowly squat down as if you were sitting in the chair while keeping your hands just over your shoulders and your arms straight. Return to a standing posture and repeat the process!

Resistance Band Exercises - Biceps Curl

Biceps Curl


You can make your biceps stronger without using weights or barbells. This is possible with the Bicep Curl exercise. You can tone and develop your biceps using the resistance band without ever lifting a single pound. This is one of my favorite exercises. Without lifting weights, I have strengthened my biceps.

Method of Doing This Exercise

You can do this exercise by standing squarely on your resistance band with both feet and holding the grips in each hand. Make sure that your forearm remains motionless while leaning forward at the elbows; begin with your hands at starting position downwards at your sides. Lift the resistance bands upwards to your shoulders and hold them there. Lower it and continue the cycle.

Resistance Band Exercises - Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts


To work your glutes, try resistant band hip thrust. It is simple yet quite effective. Other muscles, such as the hamstrings, can also become strong with this exercise. You can perform this exercise both in the gym and at home, rendering them a very efficient workout with a wide range of use. Daily I do hip thrusts, which have been very helpful for me.

Method of Doing This Exercise

Tighten the band around a stout pole to keep it in place, then make a loop with the band at the end of the pole. Place a mat or pillow on the ground and kneel within the loop to produce strain on the band, looking away from the pole. Strive to fully expand your glutes by extending your hips forward using control till you are stretched. Keep your core firm throughout the exercise.

Resistance Band Exercises - Overhead Press

Overhead Press


Along with building shoulder balance and durability, the Overhead Press works the entire upper body. It improves stability throughout your body, and I love this exercise due to its benefits.

Method of Doing This Exercise

Standing with your toes shoulder-width apart while progressively lowering your body into a squat to take up the band using both hands, place the resistance band below your feet and repeat. Squat down and take your hands towards your shoulders while you start standing up from your squats. Engage your core and raise your arms towards the ceiling so that they are directly above your shoulders once you are already upright in position. Slowly lower your body back down to shoulder height and repeat the process twice more.

Resistance Band Exercises - Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift


Performing a single-leg Romanian deadlift can enhance hamstring health, stimulate muscular growth, and help you develop more balanced movement patterns. Strengthening the hamstrings can help competitors like powerlifting and strongman improve their pulling strength, hip mobility, and overall performance. You can see how useful this resistance band exercise is.

Method of Doing This Exercise

Make certain that you fasten the resistance band to a fixed pole by tying it around the base of the pole. Hold the band in your left hand while standing on the right foot. As you stand on top of the band, you should feel strain in the band.

Slowly bend forward and keep your hips flat and hunching at the hip. A Romanian deadlift would become easy as you bend forward. Standing up again, squeeze glutes and abs to regain control. Use the same method for the other side.

Resistance Band Exercises - Woodchopper
Portrait of muscular shirtless bodybuilder training arm with fitness resistance band. Side view of smiling caucasian man with perfect body posing isolated on white studio background.



Woodchopper is a great way to tone your thighs, buttocks, and abs. Woodchoppers are a great way to build oblique and core strength in general. A strong core enables us to maintain our balance, keep our backs stable during physical exercise, and more.

Method of Doing This Exercise

You can secure your band in place by using a low base like an entrance or a table leg around one foot above the floor. Stand with feet slightly wider than hip level apart so that the anchoring point remains on your right side. To perform this exercise properly, you must first stand up and rotate your body to the left while simultaneously bringing your arms around your body crosswise to the left shoulder. 

Resistance Band Exercises - Triceps Extension

Triceps Extension


This banded exercise strengthens your triceps. These muscles are largely responsible for elbow extension, and the long head assists the latissimus dorsi muscle in bringing the arm towards the body. Triceps strength contributes to a strong and muscular upper body and assists you in performing various daily tasks and sporting activities.

Method of Doing This Exercise

Wrap the resistance band around your feet. Put the other end of the exercise band behind you so that you’re inside the circle when you dance. Lean forward a bit and grip the band’s sides with your hands while contracting your abs. Extend your arms backward until you feel a triceps-tightening sensation in your shoulders and elbows. Slowly return to the starting position and do it again.

Here is a video of an awesome beginner resistance full body band workout with 2 of my favorite trainers @HASfitTribe:

Benefits of Resistance Band Exercises

Varied Exercises and Multiple Benefits

Your workouts will become more varied with the addition of resistance bands. They engage distinct muscles since you move through a varied range of motion. If you’re bored with your existing workout routine. Alternatively, if they get too easy, add some resistance bands.

Exercise Anywhere You go

Additionally, they are quite portable, and you can use them at the fitness center or home. They’re lightweight, adaptable, and compact enough to pack in your exercise bag comfortably. Additionally, they are inexpensive.

Perfect for Everyone

Resistance band workouts can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels, from learners to experts. There are various distinct types of bands with varying degrees of tension. This affects how simple things are to use. You can perform multi-movement resistance band exercises when you’re a more adept user. In either case, resistance band training will help you build strength and coordination.

The Final Pick

To sum up, resistance band exercises are a great way to exercise all your muscle at home. They have multiple benefits and should be incorporated in daily exercise to improve physical strength by exercising muscles. Incorporating the best 9 resistance band exercises to tone the entire body will be a smart move toward vitality.

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