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Best Workouts for Men over 40

The way we approach life changes as we approach 40. Hence, it’s essential to include some amount of workouts in our daily routine. And so, if you’ve been wondering which exercises are more effective, I have compiled the best workouts for men over 40. 

Workouts for Men over 40 – two men working out with dumbbells

However, if you have an injury or health condition related to heart, bone, blood sugar, and blood pressure, consult a healthcare professional before getting started.

Is It Hard to Lose Weight after 40?

As a general rule, losing weight after 40 is more challenging than when we are young adults, while it’s easier to gain more weight. That’s because your metabolic rate starts to decrease with age, and other aspects like your eating habit, activity level, and hormones also play significant roles at this age. 

Having said that, I’ll never make you feel worried as it’s very much possible to lose weight over 40 if you are determined enough. It can be a long-term process, and hence, staying focused is quite essential. 

A lifestyle change that includes a proper weight loss diet and daily workout is what I’d suggest you follow.

Are Regular Workouts Important for Fitness after 40?

Of course! If you don’t have any chronic or acute health issues or restrictions, a regular workout session is a must for staying fit after 40. 

Besides keeping you fit and active, a regular workout can help you prevent diabetes and heart diseases, improve your mental health, decrease the risk of falls and engage socially. Even if you have health conditions like diabetes, you can do moderate workouts like walking or jogging with your doctor’s permission.

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Can I Build Muscles at 40?

Yes, it’s 100 percent possible to build or regain muscles at 40 or older. To build muscles, all you need to do is focus on your diet and nutrition. It would be best if you consumed enough protein to grow muscles faster. 

Also, it’s pretty important to select muscle-building exercises and follow them rigorously. Weight lifting workouts and strength training exercises suit the best if your purpose is to build muscles. However, if you have bone problems or injuries, you need to consult your doctor before starting the exercises.

How many exercises Should I Do at 40?

At 40, you can do 30 minutes to 1 hour of workout, depending upon your strength and power. If

you’re a beginner; you can start with a 10 minutes workout session daily and increase 5 minutes

every week so that after 3 weeks you don’t lose your stamina doing 30 minutes of workout. 

If you think you can do more, gradually increase the time up to 1 hour. Also, you can split your exercise routine into 30 minutes of morning and evening sessions. It’s pretty important to start slowly and allow your body to get accustomed to the workout movements.

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What Precautions are Required for Workouts after 40?

As I’ve mentioned above, a doctor’s consultation is a must for a workout after 40 if you have some health issues. 

Secondly, keeping a first aid box around you might be helpful if you meet any injury by chance. 

Thirdly, wear proper workout gear, including sports shoes, and use the best quality equipment. Finally, drinking at least 2 liters of water daily is essential to keep you hydrated. 

If you follow all these four precautions, I’m sure the chances of adverse effects are negligible.

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Best Workouts for Men over 40

Now, I will mention the 12 best workouts for men over 40. Since doing all of them isn’t

mandatory, you can choose the most suitable ones (at least 3 types) from the list below:

1. Running/ Jogging/ Walking

Running and jogging burn most calories and don’t require any expensive equipment. If you have any injury or health issues like heart disease, you can alter the session with 30 minutes of walking.

2. Swimming

One of the best exercises that work on the entire body, daily swimming can keep you fit and active after 40. Swimming has a unique mix of cardio, calorie-burning, and muscle toning and building.

3. Cycling

Another perfect exercise that allows you to control the intensity while working out, cycling is

suitable for older adults. You can install a recumbent bike or go for an outdoor cycling session.

4. Dancing

Dancing is a whole-body workout that makes you enjoy working out. For body balance and coordination also, dancing is a perfect exercise. You can either join a dance class or do a session at home.

5. Aerobics

Some of the basic aerobics such as jumping jacks, toe touches, windmills, and stretching can help you to stay fit and active over 40. While raising your heart rate, these exercises will burn fats faster.

6. Yoga

While the above exercises are good for weight loss and fitness, yoga can improve flexibility. People with shoulder and neck problems, knee problems, and injuries find yoga the most suitable.

7. Dumbbell Curls

If you want to build muscles, lifting dumbbells can be beneficial. Dumbbell curls are perfect for

developing and toning your arms muscles. It’ll help you to maintain a powerful upper body.

8. Leg Extensions

While dumbbell curls are for the arms, leg extensions are for your legs, abs, and lower body. The advantage of leg extensions is that they are less strenuous and safer than leg presses for older men.

9. Lat Pulldowns

Another upper body workout, lat pulldowns, can help you tone your shoulders, arms, and other body areas.

10. Pushups

Pushups tighten core muscles, but they can be difficult for men at 60 or above. You can consider including it if you are below 60.

11. Step-Ups

It’s essential to include step-ups to help you work on your hips, knees, and lower back.

12. Short Cardio Training

Since lengthy cardio training isn’t suitable for older adults, you can incorporate 5-10 minutes of short cardio training in your regime.


Now that you know the best workout for men over 40 plan ahead! Maintaining a daily workout

schedule is crucial if you want to see good results. You can prepare a chart based on the above tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

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