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TR150 Folding Treadmill Review

When looking for an economical folding treadmill for beginners, consider the TR150 Folding Treadmill. Whether or not the TR150 Folding Treadmill is as good as it seems is the subject of my TR150 Folding Treadmill Review. Let’s get started now.

TR150 Folding Treadmill

TR150 Folding Treadmill Review Specs

Dimension161.04 x 73.03 x 130.56 cm
Motor2.25 CHP
User Weight Capacity250 lbs
Speed0.5 – 10 MPH
Incline Levels:3-levels
Price$$$ (Check the latest price)
My Rating:9/10

An Overview of TR150 Folding Treadmill Review

TR150 Folding Treadmill has received very positive ratings and is reasonably priced, making it ideal for those seeking a low-cost choice. The TR150, a budget-friendly treadmill, is a great choice for your home or fitness center. It’s not a heavy-duty machine, but it’s built to last.


The TR150 Folding Treadmill is an excellent, compact folding treadmill that would fit in any area. There are a lot of features to take a deeper look at here.

Incline Range

The TR150 folding treadmill features a motorized incline. The slope can be adjusted manually in three ways, resulting in a wider range of workout options.

Workout Programs

You can mix up your workouts with the treadmill’s 12 preset programs, manual program, and three manual inclination settings. Interval training and quickness will be a part of every one of its 12 workouts. Many of the pre-installed applications are time-based. Every 3 minutes, the pace changes in these programs. 

Console Design

English options for speed and distance are miles or MPH. The distance traveled is shown as a race track on the left. It counts your laps, each one being 1/4 mile. Because the dashboard isn’t telemetric, it could only read your heartbeat through the handlebar monitors.

It has START/STOP controls. The stop button allows you to suspend your workout if needed. The pause must be 5 minutes. It will reset after 5 minutes and go back to startup mode. There is an accessory tray. It can handle a tablet or MP3 player. 

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Brand Information

The American company, XTERRA, produces a wide range of workout equipment. XTERRA, a company based in Jonesboro, Arkansas, is known for producing high-quality items made from high-quality materials.

Pros and Cons of TR150 Folding Treadmill

The TR150 Treadmill blends performance and quality with the convenience of a foldable machine. A 2.25 HP engine drives unbeatable ten mph speed and 3 manual inclination settings. The 16” x 50” XTRASoft padded deck provides optimal impact absorption. Hand strap pulse sensors on side handlebars allow you to stay in your workout zone. In addition to the huge 5” LCD, direct touch velocity buttons allow easy access to your preferred speeds – perfect for interval training. The incorporated bookrack and accessory hooks keep your learning materials, remote control, and other items handy.


It Has Many Points of Cushioning

Multiple areas of cushioning are located all through the deck support system to ensure optimal impact absorption with XTRASoft deck cushioning innovation.

It has Steel Tubing Structured Frame and Deck

TR150 folding treadmill has a steel tubing structure and a composite deck. Corrosion-resistant paint coats all of the frame’s steel components. 

A Treadmill that Saves Space in Three Ways

In addition to its foldable deck, lightweight wheels, and compact frame and tread belt, the Xterra TR150 offers three additional space-saving features.


Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

It does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

Cooling Fans Not Available.

It does not have any cooling fans.

Backlighting Issue.

The screen does not have backlighting.

Final Verdict

TR150 is a popular choice for low-cost users. The TR150 is a low-impact cardio trainer. It enables consumers to achieve their exercise objectives without taking up much space. The 2.25 HP engine isn’t the fastest at heavy-duty driving, but it’s above standard for this price range. The structure is collapsible and sturdy for a machine that can average weight to 250 pounds. Treadmill reviews say it’s great for stamina development and weight loss.

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