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Your Guide to the 3 Best Adjustable Dumbbells For Beginners

Dumbbells are becoming increasingly popular because many individuals still choose to work out at home. These dumbells are your best option if you do not intend to go to the gym. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 best adjustable dumbbells for beginners so that you can improve your health without having to go to the gym.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells - Dumbbells

Best Adjustable Dumbbells For Beginners

Dumbbells provide a wide range of benefits. Each dumbbell has a distinct weight and metal composition, and each aids the muscles in a somewhat different manner. They are all unique in their own way. I searched for the finest dumbbells, and I looked at dumbbells of varied price and ease of use. In this post, I’ve also answered some of the most often asked questions about dumbbells.

Why Should You Go For a Dumbbell?

When it comes to getting in shape, dumbbells are an excellent choice of equipment. When working out your core muscles along with working on a particular muscle, dumbbells are a more cost-effective option than machines. Depending on the type of exercise you’re doing, the muscles you’re working on will be different. Since dumbbells can be moved, you can target any major muscle in your body.

Because they target many muscles, compound exercises are ideal for improving their overall strength. Dumbbell bench presses, which target the triceps, deltoids, and pectorals, belong within this group. Dumbbells are great for beginners who want to get in shape.

What To Consider When Buying a Dumbbell?

Using dumbbells to extend the range of motion on compound weight training movements is an intelligent move. Rehabilitation, CrossFit, and Strongman training are just a few of the possibilities. When purchasing dumbbells, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure that you make an educated choice.


Dumbbells come at different prices, depending on their quality. When you buy dumbbells, there are some models of dumbbells that will fit your wallet and your specific needs. It is therefore important to keep in mind your budget before you make any purchase.

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Adjustable Dumbbells Or Fixed Dumbbells 

A set of dumbbells with changeable plates is akin to a tiny barbell. They don’t have a specific weight and allow you to adjust it. Using adjustable dumbbells at home is a cost-effective option.

Fixed-weight dumbbells are the most typical sort of dumbbell, and they are sold in pairs. They are the most acceptable alternative for lifting high weights because they are more stable.

Weight Range 

You should get adjustable dumbbells if you plan to use the dumbbells at home and fixed dumbbells if you plan to use the dumbbells at the gym. A single set of flexible dumbbells is best for you if the range of weights is small. 

Commercial gyms should only carry fixed weights to project an air of professionalism.

Shape And Material Of The Dumbbell

When it comes to commercial gyms and private gyms, urethane or rubber dumbbells are best in round or hexagonal shapes.

Cast iron, rubber, or urethane hexagonal dumbbells are good options for the home.  Avoid using circular dumbbells in your home since even a slight unevenness in the floor can cause them to roll away.

Dumbbells With Knurling Or Without Knurling

To avoid slipping while lifting, any dumbbell you purchase must have a knurled hold on its handle. Women should buy dumbbells with somewhat thinner grips. They are easier to hold.

What Dumbbell Weight Should You Use?

Choosing dumbbell weight relies on your fitness objective, body type and weight, exercise plan, and previous experience with dumbbells.

If you’re a beginner, start with lighter dumbbells. 5-10 pound dumbbells for women or 10-20 pound dumbbells for males is the right measure. If you want to grow muscles, acquire dumbbells with which you can efficiently complete four sets of 6-15 repetitions. If you’re uncertain of the load, buy adjustable dumbbells to experiment with different weights.

Here is a great video that shows off the versatility of adjustable dumbbells:

Is It Better To Use Dumbbells Or Barbells?

Barbells enable you to lift enormous weights than dumbbells. Progressive training is only feasible with barbells, but dumbbells are your best option at home. Below are the advantages of dumbbells:

  • They work more than barbells.
  • They have more motion than barbells.
  • They reduce strength imbalances within your limbs.
  • They are safer to use as compared to barbells.

Do Adjustable Dumbbells Come In a Variety of Shapes and Sizes?

It’s possible to get adjustable dumbbells in standard and sectorized form.

A more advanced kind of adjustable dumbbell is sectorized dumbbells. You may quickly add or remove metal plates from the rack, even if they’re already on it. They can hold a lot more weight than regular adjustable dumbbells.

The 3 best adjustable dumbbells for beginners

PowerBlock Sport Adjustable Dumbbells: Best Budget Pick

Best Adjustable Dumbbells - PowerBlock Sport Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are a beginner, you need PowerBlock Sport Adjustable Dumbbells. They are great for beginners. They are somewhat different from the Elite version PowerBlock 24 flexible dumbbells. The weights have a rounded top instead of rectangular like the Elite dumbbells. The architecture of  PowerBlock Sport is very identical to that of the Elites, other than minor modifications.

The primary grip has one bar, the central bar, and the handle assembly’s grasp. The handle has a neoprene coating for added comfort. Another great feature of this product is its non-abrasive urethane rubber foam that collects sweat and provides a firm grip. The “nesting” panels on either side of the grips are also composed of heavy-duty plastic.

These dumbbells are composed of steel, with each set of 2 weight plates joined by 2 steel rods. The surfaces of the plates and rods are protected from corrosion and wear by a grey enamel coating that is extremely hard to chip and scratch. The supporting rods contain different colored plastic sheets to match the load plates’ color-coding.

These are not heavy due to their low weight range, making these dumbbells great for beginners. Their 10.5′′ (26.6 cm) long and 5.25′′  wide shouldn’t hinder any exercise. Due to their unique design and features, I would recommend these dumbbells to all beginners. Along with great features, they come at an affordable price.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide on the product:


  • System of extremely rapid adjustment
  • Each dumbbell saves space by replacing eight non-adjustable dumbbells
  • The sleek design also works as a motivator
  • Outstanding for novice and intermediate users
  • An extremely secure locking mechanism
  • Ergonomic grip featuring rubberized covering for a solid grip that also helps reduce blister formation
  • Plates made entirely of steel and covered with anti-corrosive paint
  • Outstanding warranty


  • There is no accessible weight expansion kit
  • The inside of these dumbbells is too thin for users with extensive hands and wrists.
  • Not compatible with load plate upgrade kits

NordicTrack SpeedWeight Adjustable Dumbbells – Best Mid-range Pick

Best Adjustable Dumbbells - NordicTrack SpeedWeight Adjustable Dumbbells

This NordicTrack SpeedWeight Adjustable Dumbbells is a natural workout killer. Depending on your demands, you may choose 3.5 to 32 lbs. of weight. The weight may be easily changed. The design of these dumbbells is based on a typical dumbbell, which most gyms or bodybuilders would use. 

This set of dumbbells is a great exercise companion! This stuff is excellent. This set of dumbbells comes with three different weight settings, which is the most significant feature that many people neglect.

Because they are composed of metal, I was surprised at how light they were. This product can benefit speed and intensity workouts like weightlifting and hip thrusts. These dumbbells are fantastic because they can be used by people of all heights, whereas other dumbbell weights necessitate heavy squats. 

Adjusting the strength and pressure of every dumbbell is made easier because the dumbbell handles are screwed onto a post. The bolt is stable and allows you to play around with it if you desire. All screws are regular size; thus, there was no need for an instruction booklet.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide.


  • They are compact 
  • Fast to adjust and easily adjustable
  • 15 adjustable settings – easily replace fifteen pairs 
  • Solid construction – long-lasting if properly maintained
  • Reasonable pricing for a set of medium weight


  • Hard to carry or fit into automobiles 
  • Take care not to drop it – the adjustment system is delicate and comprises plastic components
  • There is no opportunity to increase the weight range

Bowflex SelectTech 552: Best High-end Pick

Best Adjustable Dumbbells - Bowflex SelectTech 552

One of the best things about these dumbbells is how little space they take up while giving you a full-body workout. These dumbbells may be conveniently stored in any area of a home or apartment because they require one set of dumbbells instead of Fifteen different sets.

This set comes with a wide range of attachments, including an ergonomically built stand that enables lifting safer and smoother on the back.  This set is a quality home gym, thanks to the customizable incline/decline training bench.

When it comes to SelectTech 552’s adaptability and compatibility, it’s hard to beat it. It has a 600-pound maximum weight and can be adjusted to 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, flat, and -20 degrees. You can exercise your legs, arms, shoulder, abs, chest, and back with these dumbbells.

While it required some exercises to get acclimated to  SelectTech 552 set’s shape and size, I can’t dispute the adaptability of these items.

The two-year warranty will handle the repairing for free if something goes wrong.

With a nice pair of training gloves, the grip is even better than it is on its own. The metal and solid plastic moldings feel solidly constructed. Having quieter exercises is an excellent feature of this product.

Since the bench has all the functionality of a regular workout bench, I’m considering selling my entire home gym.


  • Affordably priced and conveniently located method of exercise
  • A substantial feel with a firm rubber grip
  • Ideal for high-intensity weight training sessions
  • Only a small amount of workout area is required
  • Bench provides a plethora of exercising alternatives
  • They are more silent than metal dumbbells


  • There are fewer workouts compared with some entire gyms
  • According to some users, dials should be replaced every 1-2 years
  • Plastic is not as durable as metal


When it comes to enhancing your health, working out with dumbbells may be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. When it comes to purchasing the best dumbbells, there are various factors to consider. We have examined the 3 best adjustable dumbbells for beginners and believe that these are the most cost-effective and comfortable solutions available for price and comfort.

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