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The 3 Best Treadmills for Beginners

Do you want to shed your extra pounds by running on a home treadmill but don’t come in contact with the one that can ease you better? Here we have a guide on The 3 Best Treadmills for Beginners.

Best Treadmills for beginners - Man on a treadmill

From 2007 through 2020, this statistic depicts the wholesale sales of treadmills (consumer sector) in the United States. In 2020, wholesale treadmill sales to customers in the United States exceeded 1.5 billion dollars, a huge rise from the previous year.

Things to consider before buying a treadmill 

What should be considered before going to the best product is very confusing. But here are some most important facts that you must consider.  

Belt size 

First of all, consider the belt size before picking up one. The ideal belt size is necessary for comfortable running to get maximum output. The perfect belt size is 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. While for taller people over 6 feet, it should be 54 inches. 


If you intend to run on the treadmill regularly, you should invest in a machine that can reach ten mph or more incredible speeds. The running bed should absorb impact, and the belt should not move with each foot hit.

Furthermore, the workout quality is related to the horsepower of the drive motor. As a consequence, before purchasing one, ensure that you grasp the horsepower and motor specifications.

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The treadmill must be both safe and steady. It should not rattle or tremble when in use, as this might endanger the walker/runner. When exercising, the treadmill structure should be sturdy to ensure a smooth and pleasant run.

Stable treadmills affect body weight support (BWS) in a positive manner that is beneficial.  


It is vital because the treadmill should be strong enough to support your weight if you are a more prominent person. When looking at the user weight rating, it is better to deduct 20 kg for a more accurate value.

Shape and size

A treadmill takes up a lot of room. It is strongly advised that you measure the available space in your home before acquiring one. Folding treadmills are also available, although they take up room as well.

Treadmills are heavy and so difficult to transport. The proper treadmill size is determined by your gym or house size, height, and how you want to use the machine. 

Benefits of treadmill

There are several advantages to jogging on a treadmill, ranging from heart health and weight loss to stress reduction and mental wellness, and they all begin when you hit the start button.

It may be tempting for individuals new to running to jump right into pounding the pavement, but starting on a treadmill may be a better option. 

Because it may be difficult to place oneself outside as a rookie runner, a treadmill maintains a speed consistent with meeting your fitness level, which can lead to tiredness, aching muscles, and potential injury, all of which can hinder growth.

Treadmill running has duper effects on heart health, lowering cardiovascular disease risk. 

Tips for treadmill safety 

Here are some tips for you to safely use the treadmill. I highly suggest you keep in mind these tips before the start:

Look forward 

Treadmill users who gaze down or to the side are more likely to lose balance and tumble. Stepping off a treadmill may cause an exerciser to feel dizzy at first, so they should grab onto anything until the dizziness disappears. When using a treadmill, users sense that the ground is moving.

Don’t rely on handrails

It is OK for a walker to utilize the handrails while getting acquainted with the movement of a machine, but using the handrails for a prolonged amount of time might place extra pressure on the shoulders and elbows.

It is also an indication that the pace or inclination is too high and should be reduced to a more comfortable level. Using handrails can also throw an exerciser’s balance off, making them more vulnerable to leg and foot ailments.

Holding on to the rails reduces the calories burnt since the core muscles are not engaged as much as they should be. Moving your arm is a more natural action that also burns calories. 

Increase either speed or incline 

It isn’t easy to maintain a quick speed while running up a steep hill. Anyone who runs on an incline treadmill should adjust the inclination to a comfortable level before gradually increasing their pace.

It’s all too simple for runners to slip and tumble if they drastically raise their pace and inclination setting without first adapting. 

Don’t step off a moving treadmill

It’s tempting to leave a treadmill running while the user gets up to answer the door or use the restroom. A moving treadmill poses a hazard to everyone in the vicinity and should be turned off entirely before exiting the machine. 

Everyone who uses a treadmill should know where the emergency stop button is placed. It may be swiftly deactivated if they become hurt or an item of clothing becomes entangled in the machine. 

Keep children away

Machines with moving components are hazardous to children and should be kept secure. Treadmills regularly harm curious children’s hands and arms when they place their hands on the belt or between the belt and the rest of the machine.

It is recommended for parents to use their treadmill only while another adult is watching after their children. 

How much time should a newbie spend on the treadmill? 

Treadmill exercise at a modest speed for no more than 15 to 20 minutes three times a week is appropriate for a complete novice. Then, gradually increase the time to 30 to 40 minutes over a few weeks. Here’s how frequently you should run per week. 

Is a treadmill effective for weight loss?

Using a treadmill as aerobic exercise is a fantastic method to burn calories and lose weight. Consult a licensed personal trainer if you’re unsure which treadmill workout is ideal for you. They can collaborate with you to design a personalized treadmill weight loss program.

How long should a treadmill be expected to last?

According to the makers, the typical life of a treadmill is roughly ten years. However, if you take excellent care of your treadmill and lubricate the belt regularly, you may extend its life.

Product reviews 

Here is a concise review of The 3 Treadmills for Beginners.

1. TR150 Folding Treadmill

Best budget pick- The XTERRA Fitness TR150 is a walking and jogging treadmill with a 2.25 HP motor and a 0.5-10 MPH speed range. This product has a three-position manual inclination mechanism which is great for heart health and overall fitness.

It is capable of supporting individuals weighing up to 250 lbs. It is another good feature that can help you in providing physical support.

Overall, it’s excellent exercise equipment for light to medium aerobic workouts, muscle toning, weight reduction, interval training, and stamina building. Finally, it’s low-cost equipment that provides excellent value for money.  


  • It is less space-consuming.  
  • The folding deck is present. 
  • Wheels for transportation. 
  • Speed settings of up to ten miles per hour. 
  • Quick speed adjustment keys for the 1-9 speed levels. 
  • Power usage is minimal.
  • 12 pre-programmed fitness routines. 


  • There is no goal function. 
  • There is no illumination on the console.
  • The calorie readout isn’t exact.

2. Sunny health & fitness SF-T7515 smart treadmill 

The best mid-range pick, The Sunny Health SF-T7515 provides a lot at a low price. It offers enough features to keep you engaged and coming back to exercise regularly, and the 12 preset programs give enough variety to keep you from becoming bored.

This product has three countdown modes, including calories, time, and speed, that can help you estimate your body requirement. 

Its compact size is an advantage or disadvantage for the reasons mentioned above, but if you don’t have large rooms (or pockets) and you’re just looking to get fit and not win Olympic gold, this is well worth your consideration. 


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Good incline settings.
  • Twelve preset programs are suitable for motivation.
  • Three countdown programs are a nice touch.
  • The cushioned deck is accessible on your joints.
  • Bluetooth enabled.


  • Limited warranty. 
  • The belt is small – at 16.5 “W x 49.5L. 
  • The screen is simple. 

3. XTERRA fitness TR300 folding treadmill

Best high-end pick, The XTERRA Fitness TR300 is a home treadmill in the mid-range price range. It is powered by a 2.25 HP engine., a 10-level automated incline system, and a console with 24 preset training programs and an HRC program.

The TR300 is the least expensive model in their Sport range, which also includes the higher-end TR6.4 and TR6.6.

Overall, it’s an excellent machine for walking and jogging and light to strenuous cardio exercises, interval training, weight reduction, and stamina improvement. A good feature of this product is the folding frame that can help in support.  


  • Can balance the weight of 300 pounds. 
  • Transport wheels on the front base. 
  • 24 pre-programmed fitness routines.
  • The sound system is incorporated.
  • A cooling fan is included, as is a tablet holder.


  • There is no internet connectivity.
  • The cooling fan is not very strong.
  • The console display will become obscured if a tablet is put on the tablet holder


The most challenging aspect of an exercise in determining what is ideal for you. A treadmill is a terrific place to start, but you may not know which treadmill is perfect for you as a newbie. 

These treadmills for beginners are the least expensive and provide the best value for money. They provide you with alternatives from which you may select the finest one for you.

Whether you like it or not, you must take the initial step when embarking on a new venture. There are undoubtedly several advantages to utilizing a treadmill. Keep in mind that every master was once a beginner. So for beginners, it’s best to choose the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515.

This treadmill’s characteristics are appropriate for all runners, including beginners and experienced runners. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a safe run!

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