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WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is a magnificent piece of training equipment expertly manufactured from solid Ash wood and stained with black and rose stains, finished with Danish oil. It comes pre-installed with the S4 Performance Monitor.

best rowing machines for beginners - WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review Specs

Dimensions‎83 x 22 x 21 inches
User Weight Capacity700 lbs.
Resistance Mechanism          Water
Price$$$ (Check the latest price)
Machine Weight114 pounds 

An Overview of WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

This rowing machine has outstanding reviews and is extremely affordable. It’s a reliable, robust, and reasonably priced machine that delivers excellent exercise. It’s simple to fold and store because of the inbuilt wheels. It is distinctive in its two-tone black and rosewood design.

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The rowing machine is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used in virtually any room. The machine’s Water Flywheel simulates the natural sensation of rowing on water. Not only will the paddle cup the moving water in the tank, but you’ll also hear the delightful sound of splashing water as you row. Numerous features are worth considering here.

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S4 Monitor

The Series 4 monitoring system makes monitoring a significant element of this machine. This system features six informational windows, easy selection buttons and displays stroke rate, duration, zone bar, distance, intensity, and heart rate per minute.

Adjustable Seat

The machine is generally sat on the ground, but if you anticipate having difficulty getting up and down from the seat, it may be worthwhile to get the Hi-Rise legs, which lift the seat up to 28 inches above the ground.

Water Tank

The water tank produces the swooshing sound when you row. It’s almost therapeutic, and it makes the workout more pleasant without having a noisy fan and chain making excessive sounds and awakening the entire home.

Easy Storage

It can be stored upright and features Dolly wheels in front, making it easy to move from room to room. Flipping it upright requires a small amount of strength which is a significant feature of this rowing machine.

Instant Resistance

The rowing machine’s patented Water Flywheel design uses a paddle to cut the moving water, minimizes slippage, and creates an unmatched simulation of rowing’s benefits.

Drive Strap

Using this machine, you’ll be delighted at the utmost precision. Instead of using a chain, high-strength straps are much quieter.

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Brand Information

WaterRower is a well-known workout equipment manufacturer based in Warren, Rhode Island, United States. It offers high-quality, low-maintenance workout equipment to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals. WaterRower is committed to providing high-quality products at an accessible price.

Pros and Cons of WaterRower Club Rowing Machine 

The WaterRower Club is made entirely of solid Ash and colored with stain. It is ideal for high-traffic areas like gyms, rehabilitation clinics, and studios. Its black rails minimize scuffing, and the remaining wooden components are finished in an appealing rosewood that is more stain-resistant than the Natural variant. It is finished by hand with Urethane and Danish Oil. Wood is chosen for its remarkable engineering features, the most notable of which is its ability to absorb vibration and sound, increasing the WaterRower’s ability to absorb silence and ease of use.


It Has Low Impact

WaterRowers are an exceptionally efficient yet low-impact form of exercise. It helps in reducing your body weight evenly across your ankles, knees, and hips while allowing your upper body to move freely. 

It Has a Durable Design

The WaterRower Club is crafted by hand from premium Ashwood and reinforced with rosewood for additional scuff resistance. The combination of premium hardwood and a water-resistant system contributes to the machine’s overall durability.

Easy to Store and High Capacity

The frame can support up to 700 pounds; it flips upright for easy storage when not in use.


It Covers More Space

The rowing machine is 82.25 inches long, making it a somewhat larger-than-average rowing machine.


This rower is more expensive than a standard indoor rowing machine resulting in high-quality components.

Final Verdict

The rowing machine, with its strengthened and urethane-coated frame, is a more durable rowing machine. It’s reliable and provides an adequate level of difficulty for a range of workouts. It’s comfortable to use, delivers significant workout information, and is constructed to last. It promotes cardiovascular and aerobic fitness with minimal impact. It is the best option for increasing stamina and weight loss in light-duty and commercial training rooms.

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